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Are you sketching any plans for a Dubai trip? Then, get everything set from a trouble-free visa processing to your five-night travel routine. Don’t bother whether you wish for a tour with your family, parents, friends, or soulmate. We are with you in all your travel needs—gain baffling Dubai Tour Packages from Kerala & make all your fantasies come true. 

Dubai is an extraordinary city that people have ever enjoyed in the United Arab Emirates. Celebrate your days & nights with Dubai’s stunning desert landscapes, cunning architecture, splendid shopping malls, exciting theme parks, delicious food & much more with SoToGo. Let it be a romantic evening or a fun-filled day; whatever you call for, we got you. Make your trip a glorious memory through the wonders of Dubai with no worries about your proceedings.


You start your journey.

When you reach Dubai:
  • Our driver will greet you, & take your baggage to the car, and
  • Drive you safely to your Hotel or Residence, where you can freshen up, relax, & have breakfast. 

Dubai City Tour & Desert Safari

On day 2, you will tour through all the significant places in Dubai, have a desert Safari, engage in a few leisures & watch some shows. Dubai City tour with all Major places On day 2,
  • You can drive or travel through Dubai, the city of skyscrapers or tall buildings. 
  • Our expert tour guides will assist you through your journey. 
  • They will explain the specialities of significant places in Dubai, such as its remarkable architecture, Cultural Heritage, shopping malls, and the tallest building in the world -The Burj Khalifa.
Special note: You can modify the pickup/drop-off timing of the trip by 30 to 60 minutes. It depends on your location and traffic conditions. Desert Safari, leisures & Shows Day 2 also put forward:
  • A desert safari in a 4X4 vehicle, 
  • Camel riding, 
  • Photography, 
  • Belly dance show, 
  • Tanura dance show,
  • BBQ dinner with both veg & non-veg meals. 
  • Dune bashing

(Dune bashing means Driving through the dunes of Dubai at varying speeds.)

Special note: You can modify the pickup/drop-off timing of the trip by 30 to 60 minutes. It depends on your location and traffic conditions.

AquaVenture and Lost Chamber – Atlantis

On day 3, you will enjoy amusing water rides & slides & much more adventurous activities with the water park Atlantis Aquaventure, a part of Atlantis the Palm. It is a classic water park with marvellous rides that can make your day perfect. Atlantis Aquaventure, the largest waterpark in the world, features more than 30 slides and entertainment. 

In the park, you can:
  • Play with wave pools, flowing river rides, and twin water tube rides. The twin water tube ride in Dubai is the world’s first one.
  • Enter in various heart-pounding slides and rides, including Blackout, Zoomerango, Leap of Faith, and Shockwave. 
  • Engage in the craziest falls, such as Shark Attack, Surge, and Falls. 
  • Make your way to the kid's play area that includes Splasher Island, Splashers Lagoon & Cove, and Splashers Mountain. 
  • Refresh your mind by visiting a tranquil private beach with beautiful tropical flora.
  • Explore Lost Chambers Aquarium, which exhibits over 65,000 aquatic exotic animals.
Special Note: You must provide a Photo ID proof during your entrance at the Atlantis Water Park. 

Dubai Frame & Dhow Cruise Marina 

On day 4, you will relish Dubai Frame & Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai Frame. At the site of Dubai Frame, you can:
  • Use Dubai Frame as a pretty background for a selfie. 
  • Walk calmly through the Glass Bridge located near the Dubai frame. 
  • See Old Dubai Gallery, Present Dubai Gallery, and Future Dubai Gallery near Dubai Frame. 
Dhow Cruise Marina with an International Buffet  Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is Dubai's famous cruise ship. You can: 
  • Travel on the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. 
  • Have  a delicious international buffet with Dhow Cruise Marina 
  • Watch the view of the Marina, Atlantis, and Burj Al Arab. 

Special Note: You can change the trip's pickup and drop-off times by 30 to 60 minutes. Your location and the state of the traffic will determine this. 

our of Dubai's Burj Khalifa & Music Fountain Show

On day 5, you can
  • Go downtown Dubai and stroll through the Dubai Mall to the Burj Khalifa. 
  • Ride in one of the world's fastest elevators to reach the 124th level. 
  • From the Observation Deck at the top of the tower, observe the expansive views of Dubai's scenery.
  • Discover the architecture & history of Dubai when you visit Dubai Downtown.
  • Capture heart-stealer photographs & videos.
  • Participate in the festivity of the Music Fountain Show.

Airport Drop Off

When it's time for you to leave, our driver will pick you up from the Dubai hotel and take you to the airport.

Essential Elements to Pack

Now let's know what essential elements to pack in your bag after choosing one of our Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala: 
  • Since the temperature of Dubai is primarily warm, you can take outfits suitable for such atmospheres. Cotton is the most comfortable material to wear there. 
  • You should know that there are various dress code regulations in Dubai. You must, therefore, always have long dresses, tops, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, hoodies, jackets, and denim along with you. 
  • Women should take care of their clothing. It should not be excessively tight or transparent or expose too much skin.
  • Also, bringing hats, sunglasses, sunscreen & moisturiser is preferable to withstand the hot temperature.


In our captivating Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala, we include:
  • 05 Nights / 06 days stay in the hotel. 
  • Daily breakfast. 
  • Dubai City tour with all Major places. 
  • Desert safari with BBQ Dinner. 
  • Belly dance show & Tanura dance show.
  • Dhow Cruise Marina with an International buffet. 
  • Burj Khalifa 124th Floor & Dubai Mall.
  • Musical fountain show. 
  • AquaVenture and Lost Chamber – Atlantis. 
  • Dubai Frame. 
  • Airport pick up & drop off. 
  • UAE Visa. 
  • All tours and transfers are on SIC. 
  • All taxes without Tourism DHS(Dirham).
  • AT Included.

On an SIC trip, you'll join a cosy, air-conditioned coach or van with other tourists headed to the same destination.

These are the exclusions in our Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala:
  • The exclusions are all activities that come in addition to the itinerary.
  • Dubai Tourism Dirham's Fee has to be paid directly to the hotel.

Spectacular Spots in Dubai

Downtown Dubai & Burj Khalifa

Downtown Dubai is part of Dubai City, which exhibits the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Furthermore, it consists of Dubai Mall, tremendous architecture, a Music fountain show, entertainment, events & much more. You have a lot to explore in Downtown Dubai in your journey. Its music fountain show is awesomely fascinating, with water fountains, lights, & music. Dubai Mall is also a treasure in downtown Dubai. The top highlights of Dubai Mall are its Shopping, Dining,  Art and Culture, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Indoor Waterfall, Fashion Avenue, Access to Burj Khalifa & Events and Celebrations.

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina is a famous event in Dubai in a Dhow boat anchored over Dubai Marina. Dhow boats are traditional boats that sailed through the Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean in history. Dhow Cruise Marina is a modern adaptation of the historical dhow boats. In the event, you will receive mouthwatering international buffets floating over the Dubai Marina with views of stunning buildings, spectacular boats, & a blowing ambience.


In the endless golden desert sands of Dubai, you can participate in adventurous activities like dune bashing, cameral rides, sand boarding, & hot air balloons. The desert scenery is stunning. During the evening, In the desert, You can see the sunset in different colours & at night you will enjoy the glory of a million stars in the sky. Desert camps are also popular in the Dubai desert, where you may enjoy traditional shows like belly dancing, & Tanura dancing and Dubai’s conventional cuisine. 

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is a famous island in Dubai that will look like a palm tree if seen from space. It has many highlights, including exemplary Architecture, Luxurious Resorts, peaceful Beaches, Palm Views & walks, Dining, Nightlife, spa retreats, Shopping, Water Activities and aquaventure Waterpark.

Aquaventure Water Park is the most famous water adventure park in Dubai. It has more than 30 slides, water rides, & adventurous sports. Some of them are wave pools, flowing river rides, twin water tube rides, Blackout, Zoomerango, Leap of Faith, Shockwave, Shark Attack, Surge and Falls, Splasher Island, Splashers Lagoon & Cove, and Splashers Mountain.

Dubai Foods 

Dubai has a large variety of foods. It owns delicious dishes suitable for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, street food lovers, dessert lovers, & health-conscious buddies. Some of the vegetarian foods of Dubai will fit in for those who are health-conscious. 

The addition of spices & flower essence makes the Arabian dishes mind-blowingly tasty. Turmeric, Cummin, Coriander, Ginger and cinnamon are the widely used spices in Middle Eastern cuisine. Lemon, plum, Sumac, sour cherry, & pomegranate syrup are delightful flavours of Arabian cities. 

Non-vegetarian dishes of Dubai are Manousheh, Chelo Kebab, Iranian Sangak, Al Harees,  Mandi, Al Machboos, Oozie, and so on.

Vegetarian Dishes are Tabbouleh, Kousa Mahshi, Baba Ganoush, Shirin Polo, Fatteh, Kellaj, Fattoush, Falafel, Madrouba etc.

Street Foods are Shish Tawook, Shawarma, Taboon Bread, Samboosa, Oman Chips Roll, Lahem Bl Ajin & much more.

Desserts are Khanfaroosh, Mahalabiya, Knafeh, Luqaimat etc.

Dubai Shopping

Dubai offers an incredible level of shopping passion! Dubai is a well-known tourist destination with historic souks, modern malls, and markets. The Dubai Shopping Center offers upscale brands, unique jewellery, and locally made demanding handicrafts. It’s much more convincing because of the upbeat mood and tax-free shopping. You can browse the spice souk to discover unusual flavours for your home and the gold souk to acquire gorgeous jewellery. Shopping in Dubai is more than simply purchasing items; it also involves getting to know an incredible shopping experience that will astound and entertain you. Dubai shopping also offers fantastic indoor skiing, first-rate entertainment, and a variety of food.

Visa Details

Our Dubai Tour Packages from Kerala include a 30-day visa. You should submit the documents needed to proceed with the VISA. Our representative will contact you after booking to begin the Visa proceedings. 

To proceed with your application, you should also provide the following information to the authorities: 

  • What attracted you to Dubai? 
  • How much time do you plan to spend in Dubai? 
  • How will you maintain your lifestyle while in Dubai? 
  • What brought you to Dubai and why? 
  • Are you requesting a visa to travel to Dubai from India? 
  • What kind of passport do you have, and how long is it valid? 
  • Do you plan to revisit Dubai?

Important notes to remember

Here are the essential notes you should remember before travelling with our Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala:

  • Please travel with your original travel documentation, such as your valid passport, hard copies of your flight tickets, hotel and lodging confirmation vouchers, travel insurance, and other relevant paperwork. It is required to verify online before leaving.
  • Visa Disclaimer: The final settlement of the visa application depends alone on the corresponding Embassy & they are solely responsible for delayed processing times or refusals of visa applications.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the scheduled return date to travel to any international country.
  • Since airline schedules are liable to change without notice, check your flight status 24 hours before the expected arrival of the flight.
  • Travellers’ seating configurations depend on the availability of seats and permission of our tour managers.
  • The pickup and drop-off time can change based on the itinerary, location & traffic. 
  • We can arrange private transportation upon request.
  • It is entirely your responsibility if you leave any of your possessions, such as electronics, wallets, or other valuables, in our vehicles or at any places on our tours. 
  • Babies get entry inside the vehicles with previous notifications, so please let us know when you make the reservation.
  • Children aged 3 to 12 must have the supervision of an adult while participating in any aquatic activity.
  • The tour will not serve alcohol on Islamic or US federal holidays, and there won’t be any live entertainment.
  • You should carefully read & understand the Tour Brochure/Itinerary, the “Terms and Conditions,” the Price Grid, and any other applicable papers; once you make the booking, they will all become a part of your contract with us.
  • Photographing UAE residents, particularly female residents, military sites, and government buildings and facilities, is highly forbidden.
  • Waste disposal in public places is a criminal offence, and those who commit it are at risk of fines. 
  • Smoking is illegal in public spaces.
  • If the guest is late for the pickup, we reserve the right to charge a 100% absence charge.
  • There is no repayment for partially used services.
  • Suppose the tour is postponed or cancelled because of unforeseen events, such as traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, delays caused by other visitors, or weather conditions. In that case, we will offer substitute options.
  • Assume a guest is late, and our vehicle leaves the pickup site. In that case, we will not make alternate arrangements for transportation and no reimbursement will be given for the missed trip.
  • A tourist visa is not valid for employment in the country of destination.   
  • The traveller is fully responsible for paying if the destination country demands fees. 
  • The traveller is responsible for covering additional costs, such as document courier, photo creation, attestation, etc.
  • The prices will depend on what is available when booking. Prices for hotels and flights are bound to change at any time. Early reservations and confirmation are appreciated. 
  • The standard hotel check-in and check-out times in Dubai are 12 p.m., and 2 p.m. Rooms can be reserved from the previous night with the appropriate fees to guarantee an early check-in or flight arrival. 

Payment Terms

The payment terms of our Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala are:

  • At the time of booking, you should pay the total cost of the hotel.
  • The remaining balance has to be paid in full 21 days before departure, or the services can get cancelled.
  • Certificates of Confirmation & Travel Documents: 
  1. Within 24 hours of the money’s delivery, you will get an email with the booking confirmation. 
  2. You’ll also receive a hotel/land voucher and travel insurance 48 hours before departure.

Cancellation Policy 

For a full refund, you should cancel the trip 24 hours before its initiation. You won’t get your money back if you cancel less than 24 hours before the journey begins. These are the cancellation policies in our Dubai Tour Packages From Kerala.

Why are we best?

We provide travel & visa services for various countries, including France, Thailand, Morocco, the UK, Hungary, Dubai & so on. We have several years of experience dealing with visas and family tour packages to different countries. Moreover, SoToGo provides end-to-end visa assistance, facilitates pick up & drop off & ensures safety & privacy.

So, we wish you a prosperous journey!

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