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Manali, Himachal Pradesh




5 days

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Explore Kullu Manali, a Himalayan gem blending adventure, culture, and spirituality amid lush valleys and snow-capped peaks. Thrill-seekers indulge in paragliding and skiing at Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. At the same time, cultural enthusiasts find solace at the ancient Hadimba Temple and Naggar Castle. Rohtang Pass offers a thrilling drive through snow-clad peaks from May to November—Solang Valley beckons with paragliding in summer and skiing in winter against the Dhauladhar range. Hadimba Temple, nestled in a cedar forest, epitomises Himachali craftsmanship and spirituality.

Relax in the therapeutic Vashisht Hot Water Springs and explore the spiritual haven of Manikaran along the Parvati River. Conclude with a culinary journey through diverse Himalayan flavours. Kullu Manali promises every traveller a tailored and enchanting experience amid blooming springs or snowy winters. Experience it with SoToGo.


Arrival and Local Sightseeing

  • Visit Hadimba Temple.
  • Explore Manali Nature Park.
  • Stroll along Mall Road.

Adventure Day - Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass

On day 2, you will,

  • Trip to Solang Valley.
  • Engage in paragliding and skiing activities.
  • Drive to Rohtang Pass for breathtaking views.

Naggar Castle and Local Markets

On day 3, you will,

  • Explore Naggar Castle.
  • Visit local markets for traditional Himachali handicrafts.

Manikaran Excursion

On day 4, you will,

  • Drive to Manikaran.
  • Explore hot springs and Gurudwara Sahib.
  • Visit the Kullu Shawl Factory.

Departure Day

On day 5, you will,

  • Visit Vashisht Temple if time permits.
  • Depart from Kullu Manali.


The inclusions in our Kullu Manali Tour Packages From Kerala are:

  • Accommodation and food.
  • Transportation.

The exclusions in our Kullu Manali Tour Packages From Kerala are:

  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Entrance fees/Extra activities.
  • Entrance fees, Charges for Activities.
  • Inner wildlife permit.
  • Camera Costs, Activity Fees & all other expenditures which are of a personal nature.
  • Early Check-in/ Late Checkout & Any Extra Meals.

Why choose Kullu Manali?

Embark on an unforgettable adventure by choosing Kullu Manali as your next must-visit destination! Nestled in the Himalayas, this enchanting haven beckons with mesmerising scenery that unfolds in lush valleys and snow-capped peaks throughout the year. Thrill-seekers can explore exciting adventures, from paragliding in Solang Valley to skiing in Rohtang Pass. Immerse yourself in the cultural charms of Naggar Castle and the ancient aura of Hadimba Temple. Are you seeking spiritual serenity? Discover it in the soothing hot springs of Manikaran and the tranquil Vashisht Temple. What makes Kullu Manali genuinely magical is its year-round charm, whether you’re captivated by the vibrant blooms of spring or the snowy wonderland of winter. Get ready to explore the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and spirituality in Kullu Manali, where every moment promises an enriching experience and unforgettable memories.

5 attractive spots In Kullu Manali

Rohtang Pass

Embark on a journey into the heart of Himalayan enchantment as you venture to the iconic Rohtang Pass in Kullu Manali. This high-altitude paradise, accessible from May to November, promises a thrilling escapade surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. The drive is an adventure, navigating through snow-clad peaks and glaciers, revealing vistas that steal the breath away and etch themselves into your memory.

In the summer, Rohtang Pass transforms into a haven for snow enthusiasts, inviting you to partake in exhilarating activities amid the pristine white landscape. Envision yourself gracefully skiing down gentle slopes or creating cherished memories with spirited snowball fights. As winter descends, the pass becomes a scene from a fairy tale, with the enchanting snowy expanse resembling a magical realm.

Every moment at Rohtang Pass is an immersion into nature’s grandeur. It transcends being just a destination; it is a portal to a Himalayan spectacle that captivates the senses. Whether you seek adventure, serenity, or simply the breathtaking awe of panoramic views, Rohtang Pass beckons, ensuring an experience that lingers in your memories long after leaving its snowy embrace. Embark on this Himalayan adventure and allow Rohtang Pass to weave its spell, leaving you with a profound sense of wonder that only the mountains can provide.

Solang Valley

Discover the exhilarating charm of Solang Valley, a year-round playground tucked away in the heart of Kullu Manali’s majestic landscape. Accessible throughout the year, this enchanting valley unfolds a world of adventure and natural beauty that promises to captivate your senses.

Solang Valley bursts into vibrant life in the summer, offering thrill-seekers a paradise of excitement. Picture yourself paragliding through the crisp mountain air or rolling down the slopes in zorbing balls—an array of exhilarating activities awaits, ensuring an adrenaline rush like no other.

As winter descends, Solang Valley transforms into a serene wonderland draped in a pristine blanket of snow. The landscape becomes a winter sports haven, with skiing taking centre stage on gentle slopes suitable for beginners and challenging runs for seasoned enthusiasts. Engage in friendly snowball fights, build snowmen, and immerse yourself in the magic of the snowy surroundings.

Beyond its adventure offerings, Solang Valley boasts panoramic views of the Dhauladhar range, providing a stunning backdrop to your escapades. Conveniently

located and well-equipped with amenities, including equipment rentals and expert guides, the valley ensures accessibility and safety for visitors of all skill levels.

Solang Valley isn’t just a destination; it’s an invitation to an adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you seek the thrill of summer or the tranquillity of winter, Solang Valley beckons, inviting you to discover the unique blend of excitement and natural beauty that defines this Himalayan gem.

Hadimba temple

Discover the enchanting Hadimba Temple, a timeless marvel nestled in the heart of Kullu Manali. Dedicated to Hadimba Devi, this ancient sanctuary is a captivating blend of spirituality and architectural splendour. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the temple’s surroundings—a cedar forest that adds a touch of natural magic to the experience. The temple’s intricately carved wooden façade showcases Himachali craftsmanship, inviting awe and contemplation.

As you step into the temple grounds, the sacred ambience envelops you, providing a moment of peaceful reflection. The unique pagoda-style architecture and the tranquil courtyard enhance the temple’s allure. A stroll through the nearby cedar grove amplifies the mystical atmosphere, offering an immersive encounter with nature. Hadimba Temple is not just a religious site; it’s a cultural gem, inviting travellers to delve into the rich heritage of Kullu Manali while enjoying the tranquil beauty that defines this cherished landmark. Whether you seek spiritual solace or a cultural exploration, the Hadimba Temple promises an unforgettable experience where the past comes alive in the embrace of serene surroundings.

Vashist hot water springs

Escape to the tranquil sanctuary of Vashisht Hot Water Springs, a hidden gem in the scenic village of Vashisht in Kullu Manali. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic warmth of these natural springs, cradled against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas. Open to visitors seeking rejuvenation, the hot water springs offer a soothing retreat with mineral-rich waters known for their healing properties.

As you soak in the revitalising warmth, the serene ambience transports you to a realm of relaxation. Adjacent to the springs stands the Vashisht Temple, enhancing the spiritual aura of the experience. The temple’s traditional architecture and the surrounding landscapes add cultural richness to the natural retreat. Visiting Vashisht Hot Water Springs isn’t just a therapeutic escape; it’s an immersion into the harmonious blend of nature’s gifts and cultural heritage. Conveniently accessible and offering moments of tranquillity, Vashisht Hot Water Springs beckons travellers to unwind, revitalise, and embrace the therapeutic essence of this hidden paradise in the heart of Kullu Manali.


Unveil the mystical allure of Manikaran, a spiritual oasis nestled along the banks of the Parvati River in the heart of Kullu Manali. This enchanting destination is renowned for its hot springs and the Gurudwara Sahib, creating a harmonious blend of nature and spirituality. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of the hot springs, each natural pool offering a soothing retreat against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas.

As you journey to Manikaran, the scenic beauty along the Parvati River enhances the overall experience. The Gurudwara Sahib, a prominent Sikh shrine, adds a touch of spiritual sanctity to the surroundings. Visitors can partake in the Langar, a community kitchen serving nourishing meals. The pilgrimage to Manikaran is as captivating as the destination, offering a holistic experience where nature’s healing powers meet cultural richness.

Manikaran isn’t just a destination; it’s an invitation to a spiritual and natural haven. Whether you seek the therapeutic benefits of the hot springs, the spiritual solace of the Gurudwara Sahib, or the scenic beauty along the Parvati River, Manikaran promises an immersive journey that transcends the ordinary—a destination where the soul finds serenity amidst the majestic landscapes of Kullu Manali.

Food in Kullu Manali

Embark on a delightful culinary journey in Kullu Manali, India, where each dish unfolds as a symphony of local flavours. Fresh mountain produce, including crisp apples and juicy plums, graces every plate, promising a burst of natural goodness. The traditional Himachali Dham invites you to savour unique delights like Sidu (stuffed bread) and Lingri Palda (yoghurt-based curry), showcasing the region’s rich culinary heritage. Roam vibrant streets for street food bliss, where the tantalising aroma of momos, aloo tikki, and jalebis creates a carnival of flavours. Comfort your soul with a bowl of Thupka, a noodle soup perfect for chilly evenings. Conclude your culinary adventure with sweet endings – Tudkiya Bhath, a sweet rice dish with dry fruits, and Mittha, a heavenly dessert. Every meal in Kullu Manali is a celebration, inviting you to indulge in the irresistible and diverse Himalayan cuisine that will leave your taste buds joyful.

Perfect Time To Visit Kullu Manali

Unveil the enchanting beauty of Kullu Manali, where every season paints a masterpiece. The ideal time to experience this Himalayan haven is spring and summer, from March to June. Imagine blooming orchards and vibrant meadows, offering a feast for your senses.

For adventure seekers, the thrill peaks during these months with outdoor activities like paragliding, trekking, and river rafting reaching their zenith. The pleasantly mild temperatures make it the perfect time to explore the region’s treasures without battling extreme weather.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of winter wonderlands, November to February blankets Kullu Manali in a pristine snowfall. The landscape transforms into a mesmerising white panorama, creating a cosy and magical atmosphere. It’s the season for snow sports, hot beverages by the fireplace, and witnessing the snow-covered charm of iconic sites.

No matter the season, Kullu Manali beckons with open arms, promising a spellbinding experience that suits every traveller’s preference. Choose your perfect time and let the magic unfold!

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of our Kullu Manali Tour Packages From Kerala are:

Booking and Payment:

  • You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. Pay the rest before your tour starts through the methods on our website.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you need to cancel, let us know in writing. Cancelling close to your tour date incurs fees, and early cancellation increases the chances of refunds.  

Changes to Itinerary:

  • We might need to change the plan due to unexpected situations. We’ll tell you about any changes ASAP.

Travel Insurance:

  • We recommend having travel insurance covering medical issues, cancellations, and unexpected events.

Your Health and Fitness:

  • Make sure you’re fit for the tour. Tell us about any health conditions before booking.


  • Unless we say otherwise, rooms are for two. If you want a room for yourself, there might be an extra cost.

Getting Around:

  • We’ll arrange transportation as per the plan. We don’t believe that delays by others are our fault.

Our Responsibility:

  • We organise the tour but aren’t responsible for issues caused by others. Keep an eye on your stuff; we’re not liable for losses.

How to Behave:

  • Be respectful to everyone. We can ask you to leave without a refund if you don’t follow the rules.

Uncontrollable Events:

  • We’re not responsible if something beyond our control, like natural disasters or government rules, affects the tour. 


  • If you have a problem during the tour, tell your guide or us immediately so we can fix it.

By booking a Kullu Manali tour with us, you agree to these simple terms and conditions.

Why SoToGo?

At SoToGo, we love creating unique experiences in the stunning destination of Kullu Manali. Our team knows the area inside out and is excited to share its best parts with you. We’re all about ensuring you feel safe and comfortable exploring without worries. Whether you’re into adventure, culture, or nature, our packages are designed just for you. Come with us to discover hidden gems, enjoy local traditions, and savour delicious food, all while making unforgettable memories. SoToGo is more than a travel agency; we’re here to make your Kullu Manali trip memorable and tailored just for you.


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